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Allen got out of the groove and close to the wall and when he reeled it in the car shot across the track. The car started to get on its side and he was in front of Koretsky. Koretsky's car then t-boned Allen's car. This looked like a horrible crash. they just showed the replay and Koretsky drove through Allen's car. Allen's car exploded into a bunch of pieces with engine rolling at least 500 feet past the impact. The word from the top end was Koretsky got out of his car on his own power, and Allen will be transported to Dallas Parkland Medical Center, and was conscious.
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Drag racers go straight to the finishline. The others guys drive in circles looking for it.

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8.93/154 @ 3650 lbs.

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Shiiiiit :shock:

.....and 500 pounds of torque......what ever that is.
1.30 60ft 5.78 @ 119.9mph 1/8 - 9.07 @ 148.2 mph N/A Pump gas